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Use the following form to report files you feel should be removed from PictureView. This form is the only way to request that files be removed from the PictureView Beta servers. We thank you for your help in keeping PictureView safe for our law-abiding, adult members and guests.

Instructions: To report files to us, you must use the "Basket" function of the PictureView Beta. First locate the files you want to report. Then put those specific files into your basket. (If you had other items in your basket, you should do a "Clear Basket" to empty your basket so you can start with an empty basket.)

Once the files to report are in your basket, use the "Report Files" link to visit this page. Fill in your email address and press the "Submit" button. Information on the files will be sent to the PictureView Administrators for review. You must include your valid email address when using this form; file report forms submitted without a valid email address will not be accepted.