Paying for PictureView by BitCoin (Special Rate)

Paying using these links does not change your membership price to a special rate; it just sends less money. If your PictureView membership is $12.95 / month, sending less than $12.95 / month will just pay for fewer days.

To pay for your membership by BitCoin at $9.95 / month:

To pay for your membership by BitCoin at $8.00 / month:

Please make sure the email address provided for the payment matches the email address for your PictureView account. Matching the email address is how we figure out who the payment is from.

If you are an existing member with the $12.95 monthly rate, please visit our Paying for PictureView by Bitcoin page.

If you are new to BitCoin, read about How To Get BitCoin

Approximately 10 days before your account is due to expire, we will e-mail you a courtesy message reminding you to send another payment if you wish to continue your service.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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