Spam and Other Inappropriate Material

When a person or organization posts pictures indiscriminately across dozens or even hundreds of newsgroups, it is called spam. Both individuals and commercial entities are guilty of generating spam. Posters may upload the same picture using different names and different descriptions over and over again to many different groups. Sometimes an individual picture will appear hundreds of times. Spam is unwelcome because it wastes bandwidth and because file descriptions often don’t match the file contents and are therefore deceptive.

Inappropriate posts range from posting pictures of adult pictures in general interest groups to posting pictures or messages deliberately intended to spark controversy (also called trolling) such as stating that XYZ computers are better than ABC computers.

Illegal postings are those which are in clear violation of the law (see Reporting Illegal Material).

We do not condone any of the material described above. However, we understand that laws vary widely from one geographical location to another. It is therefore incumbent upon each member to conduct themselves according to the laws to which they are subject to in their respective locations. At PictureView and Interactive Classifieds Network Corporation we are very careful to obey all laws in our jurisdiction and cannot be held responsible for the conduct or actions of our members.

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