Problems with Visited Links (History) Not Changing Color

The feature whereby links you have accessed change color to let you know where you have been is controlled by your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), not PictureView.

NOTE: Please note that with the current version of PictureView, information about the thumbnail size, style (i.e., PV2 or Classic), and the number of rows and columns is stored in the URL so making changes during a session will affect your history. To prevent such a situation from occurring, visit a group, make the desired adjustments (to thumbnail size, rows, and columns, etc.), return to the Complete Group Index (by clicking on the appropriate link, notby using the Back button which will essentially erase the adjustments you’ve made), and then bookmark the page.

If the history problem you are experiencing is not related to making adjustments to how thumbnails are presented on the page, you will need to examine your browser settings to determine the possible cause. Most browsers allow you to set the number of days to keep in history and some are set up to automatically delete your history when the browser is closed.

If you have another browser installed on your system, you can use it to determine if the problem is browser-specific. Having a second browser on your system, at the very least, provides you with an excellent problem-solving tool. Three common–and free–browsers are:

If you cannot determine the cause of the problem by examining your settings and the problem persists in more than one browser, you will need to examine the settings of other software you have installed that could affect your browser (i.e., anti-virus and security software).

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