Solving PictureView Password Problems

Password problems, when they occur, are very easy to resolve. This page is designed to provide you with solutions to the most common PictureView Password problems. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Forgotten Password

To retrieve a forgotten Username or Password, please complete our Forgotten Password Form (the form can also be used to update your e-mail address).

Incorrect User Authentication Settings

If you encounter problems with your PictureView Password using Internet Explorer or AOL on the Windows platform you may need to adjust your User Authentication settings (see Correcting Your User Authentication Settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer on the Windows Platform).

Popup Blocker

If you are using a popup blocker and you are not being prompted to enter a Username and Password, you can try holding down the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key on your keyboard while you click on a PictureView link requiring a Password (different blockers have different bypass keys). Alternatively, you can adjust the settings for your specific blocker to allow PictureView; while PictureView does not use any pop-up advertisements at all (see Pop-Ups, AdWare, and SpyWare) the Password dialog and PictureView links that open in a new window can cause problems for some blockers.

Expired Credit Card or Declined Charge

If the monthly fee for your account is ever declined, for whatever reason (e.g., expiration date, incorrect billing address, insufficient funds, etc.), your account will be automatically deactivated and a message will sent to the e-mail address on file for your account. To reactivate your account, please feel free to call usor use our Secure Update form (if necessary, please use the Comments field to provide a new billing address). Please note that the day your account is reactivated becomes your new billing date.

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