PictureView Cookies

The PictureView service employs the use of several cookies. The PictureView service does not use cookies (or any other means) to gather information about you or to track your usage of the service.

  1. The Personal Group List (PGL) cookie is stored on your hard drive and contains a list of your favorite groups. Rather than access the full index including hundreds to thousands of groups, you may find it useful to create and access a Personal Group List of your ten favorite groups instead. NOTE: The new version of PictureView allows you to save your list to our server (using the Save PGL to server link) and then load it (using the Load PGL from server link) in case your PGL cookie is ever deleted, corrupted, or damaged.
  2. Temporary security cookies, created by the service after you log in, are used to ensure that only one Username and Password combination is being used at any given time. Unlike PGL cookies, security cookies are not persistent; sometimes called per-session cookies, they are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory–not on your hard drive–as you access the service, and are deleted after you close your browser.
  3. Temporary referrer cookies are used to determine the sites where visitors to the service originated in order to learn how members are hearing about PictureView.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with cookie files, please refer to the help file included with your browser software before making changes to your cookie settings.

If you would like to clear your PictureView cookies, click here.

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